Tom Jones

Get Sleepy

Tom is the host of Get Sleepy. A storytelling podcast that incorporates relaxation and meditation techniques, then provides the listener with a soothing bedtime story to help them drift off with ease. Not to be confused with the legendary Welsh crooner, Tom lives in southeast England where he was gifted his soothing British intonation.

He has a lifelong background in music and audio. After receiving encouragement from friends and colleagues, Tom started a local radio show featuring ambient, sleep-inducing music and short stories. And in 2018, Tom started writing and recording relaxing stories for the popular mobile application, Slumber. Alongside this, Tom took on various jobs after finishing university. From stacking supermarket shelves, to managing a local flooring shop, and more recently, working on audio production for a marketing agency.Tom feels incredibly humbled and fortunate to now be involved in something that means so much to him; voicing a podcast to help others sleep.

Tom is no stranger to sleep problems, often struggling to quiet his mind at night. Over time, he’s learned quite a bit about the art of sleep.

Though he wouldn't claim to be an expert, he is confident that his personal experiences and understanding can go a long way to helping people feel comforted about their own sleep troubles.

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