S2E030 A Familiar Face
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While the rest of the party has been navigating the Underdark and dealing with the ramifications of crucial goats and the dangers of the Sporey-Gone trail, Durn’s been living the high life. Specifically, by being high above the Baccarian Sea in the airship known as the Thundercloud.

When he finally lands on the main continent of Valbaara, Durn is unsure where to go next. But as fate would have it, he stumbles upon an old friend, one that just so happens to be the Dwarf that our newly initiated Owling, Trixie, has been tasked with keeping an eye on.

Durn’s tale on the mainland will give us a brief recess from the rest of the party’s Underdark journey. Aimee, Mike, and Will are joined by Josh Smith (who you may recognize from premium episodes: Beneath the 10,000 Cities and Clean-Up Crew Cloud Recovery Services) in a multi-part quest that takes place in the Halfling city of Cliffshire. Sam and Ive will be back when we return to the Underdark a few episodes from now.

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