Arcas 5: Tomato Baby
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A few months after the events of the previous episode, we revisit with Fable, Shea, Whik, and Silhouette as they are tasked with their first mission as graduates of the school of Arcas and Members of the Row. And of course, you can’t have a tomato baby without Tobias … who is … also there!

Game-Mom’s Note: Our previous 4 episodes were from a one-shot on the Island of Arcas. We later went back and expanded the story because we had so much fun with the characters, so there may be some small incongruencies in continuity with names of NPCs and the like. We also bring them up to level 5 for this part of the adventure!

Behind the Screens Fun-Fact: Oddly enough, we recorded the “Tomato Crew” arc around the same time we recorded the “Potato Crew arc” based on our scheduling. We also recorded the Specter One-Shot (coming soon) during this same time period.

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