Jon and Keith with the ”the State of the Shat Address: S8E1
29 13
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Keith and Jon here at the Shat Podcasting World HQ and Ice Cream Parlor.
We are starting season 8 y'all. I thought it was 7 but Keith sez, NO? Windows can skip from 8 to 10 so we can call it whatever season we want, as long as you folks listen and love it.
We have been out of pocket for a bit so we just wanted to share with you a State of the Shat address, if you will. We share what we've been up to, the history of Flumadiddle, why the name change and what Shat will be up to in the future.
So hop on board folks! Keith and I remain your somewhat reliable source of information for most things, including but not limited to ourselves!
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  • Category: Education

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