Alsos Mission: Boris T. Pash and the race against the Nazi bomb!
26 13
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Hello all you beautiful Shat fans,

Jon and Keith here, at 1 Shat Tower in scenic N. Alabama. We are in the Nuclear Research and Historical Studies Lab here on the 137th floor and folks, do we have a really big show for you this month. 

We know that the Manhattan Project and Oppenheimer are all the rage, en vogue and the bees knees all rolled up into one, but what about the Alsos Mission and Boris T. Pash. The what Mission and Boris who you ask?

Well jump on the Shat train here as we take a ride back into the history of this amazing story about Colonel Pash and all those gathering intelligence on and working to keep Nazi Germany from developing there own nuclear bomb.


  • Author: flumadiddle
  • Category: Education

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