Episode 8: The Last Evening
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Still on Thursday, March 2, 1989 in Twin Peaks, WA: Violence erupted. The town has been on edge in the week since Laura Palmer’s body was found. Now everything comes to a head! The Ghostwood Estates plan lights a fire under Catherine--but how is Shelly tied into all this? When Ben goes to celebrate at One Eyed Jacks will he run into his daughter Audrey--the new Queen of Diamonds? Or will he run into Agent Cooper and Ed Hurley, there to find out what role Jaques played in the murder? Most of all--when Twin Peaks comes back for Season 2 will many characters be left alive? It’s an exciting, suspenseful episode that ends with a bang, so join us at Now Peaking to discover it all!

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Episode 8: The Last Evening Mar 03, 2017 at 6:13 am
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