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As Space-X prepares for the Falcon 9 for launch today, the timing is perfect for this episode of the Life 2.0 podcast.

The Apogeo Spatial mission is to communicate the power of geospatial tools and technologies in managing the world’s scarce resources and environment, so that the global population has security—of water, food and energy. The driving force behind this incredible effort is Myrna James-Yoo, the publisher of Apogeo Spatial magazine, where she has gained a unique macro view of the satellite and space industry. Among Myrna’s defining experiences are traveling the world solo for 18 months, when she lived in tree houses in Turkey, trekked in the monsoon with leeches in Nepal, cooked on a cattle station in outback Australia, debated politics with a Frenchman of her father’s generation. She was blogging before it was an official word, and in this episode of Life 2.0- we take a look at the human condition as it pertains to living on the "blue marble" that hangs in space, and the official announcement of the partnership of "Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis" videos on the Apogeo Spatial magazine platform. Music in this episode by John Denver.

FREE From A Distance May 27, 2020 at 7:39 am
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