Ross Patterson

Drinkin‘ Bros Podcast

Ross Patterson, Jarred Taylor, Dan Hollaway, and friends get together every week to make sure you never drink alone... at least that‘s what their excuse is.

Ross Patterson Revolution!

Each week comedian Ross Patterson shares his wildly unique views on pop culture, entertainment, and sports as he‘s joined by the world‘s worst producer Jessie Wiseman. She‘s easy on the eyes, but terrible on Google.

Drinkin‘ Broettes

This all female spin-off of the popular Drinkin‘ Bros Podcast features military SERE Specialist Tiffany Hart and comedian Jessie Wiseman dishing about sex and pop culture. This one is for the REAL ladies.

Citizen Podcast

Dan Hollaway discussing what it mean to be an American Citizen. We know our rights, now let’s discuss our obligations.

Drinkin‘ Bros Sports

Ross Patterson and Dan Hollaway interview athletes, have a few drinks, and gamble like degenerates all week with their friends on every single sport known to man... jealous?

Iconoblast Podcast

Matt Cooper and Joel Benner take a look behind the public facades of famous icons to show why you can never take anything at face value.

Icebreakers With Chuck Liddell and Adam Ray

Five-time UFC Champion Chuck Liddell and comedian Adam Ray get together once a week and fight inside a cage live on air... or just talk to celebrities and chat with listeners. We'll see how Chuck's feeling.

Romance Novels For Dudes

It’s finally time us men had our own romance novels. St. James St. James is the greatest sexual icon in the history of the world. He bones hard, is completely unapologetic, and probably f**ked your grandma. These stories are just as horrific and awe-inducing as you can imagine. You’re welcome.

The Operator With Rob O’Neill

Former SEAL Team Six member Rob O’Neill breaks down current events, interviews celebrities, and NEVER talks about killing Osama Bin Laden... more than once an episode.

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