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The Ismaili

Listen to stories and conversation about culture, philosophy, wellness, science, technology, art, service, and education, related to the global Jamat’s past and present.

Muslim Footprints

An opportunity to deep-dive into Islam and Muslim civilisations, history and spirituality through the ages, accompanied by some of the best experts and academics in their field. Join us as we discover how Muslim societies and individuals have lived, thought about, and expressed their faith in their own ways as a pathway to the divine. We explore the far-flung lands that Muslims have lived in, the traditions – scientific, artistic, religious and cultural – they’ve contributed to, and the revelation itself, the Qur’an. Our guests have devoted their professional lives to producing robust scholarship about the rich heritage of Islam. Our mission is to bring that knowledge to our listeners – Muslim and non-Muslim alike – so as to better understand the world and address some of the biggest questions about life and meaning. This podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about Islam and its contributions to the world.

Careers of the Future

Careers of the Future is a podcast where students can learn from Ismailis at the leading edge of their fields about the future of work. Each episode discusses a particular field of work and explores what students interested in that field can do to prepare for their career.

The Ismaili Connection

The Ismaili Professionals Network presents its first podcast: The Ismaili Connection. We’ll speak with professionals from all walks of life and across all industries to bring you compelling stories about their career journeys. We’ll laugh. We’ll learn. And we’ll connect. Who knows, you may find your next Ismaili Connection on our show.

the reflect

Welcome to the reflect, a podcast of The.Ismaili, featuring a unique introspection in each episode. What’s got you preoccupied these days or What thought are you in the process of working through? These are the questions our speakers respond to in each short episode of the reflect. To subscribe to this series, look for "the reflect", now available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, & Google Podcast. Tell us what you think of the reflect podcast:

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