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The Show with Cannon Brown

The Show is a podcast for the livestock enthusiast. Real conversations hosted by Cannon Brown with real people within the Livestock/Ag industry. We’re all just trying to make a difference.

Legendary Mindset

This podcast is all about the formidable and LEGENDARY minds of the goat and sheep industry. Hear the ins and the outs from the minds that built the empires. This is Legendary Mindset

The Keeper Pen

Maddie Caldwell and Jenna Wheeler use their stories and a whole lot of comedy to connect young women in Agriculture. Straightforward, raw and real - Welcome to The Keeper Pen.

Cattle Pros

Jake Scott invites you to join him as he speaks with the best and brightest of the cattle industry.

Best In Show

Allen and Briony, self-described rabbit show and rabbit history geeks, have long been contemplating a way to capture and share stories, lessons and inspiration with fellow hobbyists and the world at large.  As Covid-19 shut down shows, fairs and much of this community’s ability to get together, they realized that a podcast could help.  Both began as youth exhibitors and competitors, and went on to became ARBA judges and leaders in the rabbit and cavy industry.  Their intent is to showcase guests and topics that will educate, entertain and inspire.

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