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Troy Public Radio is a listener supported service of Troy University and produces content with thinkers and artists and others in our community.

The Talk of Troy
The Talk of Troy

The Talk of Troy is voices and sounds from the campuses of Troy University. Each week we bring you sound rich stories and fresh ideas from the heart of the Trojan community.

In Focus with Carolyn Hutcheson

Join the conversation each weekday on ”In Focus” as host Carolyn Hutcheson talks with: artists, historians, experts, environmentalists, musicians, authors, and other big thinkers and change makers. Carolyn brings her three decades of on-air experience, her curious mind, and her warm conversational style to each episode. We hope you join us and take time to bring your world, In Focus.

Clarinet Corner

Clarinet Corner is an exploration of music involving the clarinet. The show features music across genres including: classical, jazz, world, film music, and rock. And the lively conversation includes topics such as: musical history and practice, social justice, playing in a film orchestra, and colorful stories about jazz players. You don't have to be a clarinet player or a musician to join in, host Tim Phillips makes the show accessible to everyone!

Econversations from Troy University

Econversations is a half hour discussion of current and evergreen issues at the junction of government policy and economics from Troy University’s Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy. EconVersations features discussion of analysis and research on free markets, individual liberty, and the appropriate role for government. Guests range from TROY economics students to nationally known leaders in research and policy. The host is Dr. Dan Sutter, the Charles G. Koch Professor of Economics & Program Coordinator M.A. in Economics at Troy University.

Speaking Globally: from TROY University & TROY Public Radio

A podcast and conversation where we take time to explore different parts or our world and the forces affecting them. Walter Givhan, a retired Air Force General and the President of the Alabama World Affairs Council hosts Speaking Globally which brings together expert voices from around the globe for conversations about culture, context, and issues that matter.

The Double Dome: A Business Geeks Podcast

Two heads are better than one when it comes to conversations about business and the economy! So, Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business brings you: The Double Dome. So if there’s a business topic you’re curious about or just can’t wrap your mind around, subscribe to The Double Dome podcast and put your head together with ours.

”It Came from The Archives” - Troy University’s Wiregrass Archives Podcast

Take a look at the past through the lens of ”It Came from the Archives” as Wiregrass archivist and historian Marty Olliff shares stories from Alabama’s history. For each episode, our host and Olliff explore a facet of Wiregrass history, drawing contemporary connections to the world we live in today. Oh, and by the way, these stories are fascinating and fun, with facts and tales you’ll definitely want to share with someone! So tune in and let us be your guide through the Wiregrass archives.

Mad Melodies

Mad Melodies is a student produced podcast and a production of Troy Public Radio. It was lovingly and fiercely created by Marissa Lacey and Jaelanne Thomas, who get help from their fellow music loving audio masters. We talk about music on Troy’s campuses, how it gets made and whose listening. And you may just hear your next favorite musical obsession. Mad Melodies is available on, NPR One, and wherever you get your podcasts. So subscribe and join our madness!

Culture and Belonging

In a professional environment of increasing cultural diversity, what can administrators do to make sure everyone feels included? On the flip side, how can individuals speak up and make themselves heard? On Culture and Belonging, hosts Rich Ledet and Wendy Broyles and their guests share stories of the conflicts that arise when cultures collide and find equitable solutions.

Alabama Aloud with Don Noble

The work of Alabama authors deserves to be read out loud - and now it is! Join host Don Noble as he reads the diverse and extensive work of Alabama’s finest authors. (All works appear with permission of the authors and publishers.)

On Leadership with Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr.

“On Leadership” from Troy University and Troy Public Radio is hosted by TROY Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., the longest serving CEO of a public university in America and a decorated U.S. Marine Corps veteran. Each episode features Dr. Hawkins’ commentary on strategies for leadership success and the vital role leaders play in shaping communities and organizations.

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