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Sg2 Perspectives

Sg2 Perspectives brings together Sg2 experts and healthcare industry thought leaders to discuss popular Sg2 publications, key event takeaways and other strategic topics keeping health system leadership teams up at night. New episodes will be released every Wednesday. Contact your host, Trevor DaRin anytime at

Knowledge on the Go

The Vizient PI Collaboratives team hosts podcasts throughout the year on issues such as leading and managing systems, engaging your workforce, and optimizing care delivery.

Modern Practice Podcast

Modern Practice is your curbside consult with top clinicians from around the country. This exciting podcast series features medical experts sharing their ideas and approaches for the latest strategic trends and clinical challenges. Hosted by Dr. Tom Villanueva and brought to you by the Vizient Medical Leadership team.


Delivering short doses of insight for hospitals’ frontline pharmacy professionals, Vizient pharmacy leader Gretchen Brummel brings together experts to verify best practices for navigating today’s pharmacy practice challenges and accelerating career growth. It’s a prescription for success, delivered by the Vizient Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence.


Hear about health care’s latest endeavors and pioneering ideas on VentureSprout, a podcast featuring spin-ups and newcos developed by Vizient members across the country. Part of Vizient’s Member-backed Ventures offering, VentureSprout connects you to newco executives and health system founders whose innovative ideas will transform health care. Hosted by Crystal Mullis and brought to you by the Vizient Member-backed Ventures Channel.


Crosswinds is a series of casual conversations with national thought leaders hosted by Tom Robertson, executive director of the Vizient Research Institute. New episodes released every month feature the brightest people in health care considering questions that others haven’t thought to ask – always remarkable, never exactly what you’d expect, and having fun along the way. Crosswinds: Two old friends sitting in comfortable chairs… talking.

Care to Lead

Care to Lead is your path to success! In Season 2, nursing leaders across a variety of settings and industries will share their candid stories, how they help spur nursing innovation in their respective fields and what nurses in any stage of their career can do to shape the present and future of nursing. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Barbara Seymour and brought to you by the Vizient Chief Nurse Executives Network.

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