Dr. Miranda Moloto

Property Magicians Podcast

Dr (MIZO) Miranda Motlalepule Moloto

Currently: Property Entrepreneur. Property Podcaster. Keynote Speaker. Property Mentor. DigitalHealth Advisor. Mom-in-Training. Perpetual student of life.

A curious doctor that has chose to impact health of communities, as opposed to doing it one patient at a time, hence her choice to work in Public and Occupational Health for 24 years.

Now turned property entrepreneur and property podcast host

Dr Miranda Moloto graduated from Med School and chose to pursue her medical career in non-clinical specialities. Her post-graduate studies were Occupational health, Telemedicine and Public Health.
Most of her career was spent in servicing workers Manufacturing plants, Oil & Gas production, Steel manufacturing, cosmetics and personal care manufacturing, motor-manufacturing.

Her curiosity and the love of new places landed her in Qatar (Middle East)-an experience she cites as one huge cultural and spiritual adventure, that has left an indelible impact on her personally and professionally

She works in DigitalHealth as an independent consultant.

She is a co-host of the Property Magicians Podcast- a platform meant for educating communities about property investment and ownership. She is a property mentor for beginner investors.

What matters to Dr Miranda: Access to healthcare and social justice. Property investing in dignified affordable Low-cost Housing.
Lastly, Girl-child education.

Education & Qualifications:

• MBChB, DOH, Masters in Public Health (MPH)
• Certified WeLead® Facilitator-

Main Interests: Being mom. She reads non-fiction books, yoga, hiking, travel and great music (genre’s Afro jazz, RnB, Classical Jazz).

If she was not a doctor, She would be a:
Computer programmer. Building Health Apps. Or Being a traveller and teacher

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