Paula Pant

Afford Anything Podcast

Paula Pant is a prominent leader of the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement and an enthusiastic investor with a soft spot for spreadsheets.

As the Founder of Afford Anything, a personal finance and financial independence website with over 60,000 newsletter subscribers, and host of the award-winning Afford Anything podcast, Paula has led thousands of freedom-seekers to live life on their terms through her relatable wisdom and expertise.

The Afford Anything podcast has over 15 million downloads, listeners in over 150 countries, and accolades such as The New York Times naming it one of "7 Podcasts Your Wallet Will Love".

Paula is frequently featured in financial media including The New York Times, Washington Post, Kiplinger, and Forbes. She has appeared on Yahoo Finance, Talks at Google, and Marketplace Money.

Paula’s journey began in 2008 with a decision to quit her job in the middle of a recession to travel the world. Realizing that two years of travel wasn’t enough, she dove into entrepreneurship, exploring over 40 countries in the span of a decade.

Paula’s core belief that “you can afford anything, but not everything” is the backbone of Afford Anything. Through expert interviews and bi-weekly “Ask Paula” episodes, listeners learn to think critically about how they spend limited resources like time, money, and energy.

Afford Anything empowers readers and listeners to stop trading time for money through passive income and inspires them to create a life they love, free from society’s expectations.

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