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Leaders on the Frontier

Since its inception in 1999, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy has been steadfast in its mission to foster Ideas for a Better Tomorrow. Through research, publications, educational events and policy analysis, Frontier has impacted dozens of governments and policy sectors. With Western Canadian roots and a drive to cultivate responsible citizenship, Leaders on the Frontier features discussions of common sense and good governance from this non-partisan, cutting-edge think tank.

Grey Matter

A curation of intelligent conversations with thought leaders around the world centered around thinking outside of the box.

Return to Reason

Return to Reason shares a refreshing take on world events, culture, and issues of morality in a meaningful way. Although you may not agree with the opinions stated, you deserve to be fully informed, ready to handle every situation life throws at you. Anyone who has an appetite for the world to return to reason will enjoy this opinion column, TV show and podcast.

The Miracle Channel Podcast

Welcome to this weekly Miracle Channel podcast! In each episode, you’ll hear a hand-picked message from a world-renowned speaker that airs on our TV channel. Special guests include Leon Fontaine, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Dr. David Jeremiah and many, many more. Subscribe to this podcast so you don’t miss an episode!