Gardening with GLT's Dean of Green

Category: Design
Last Update: 2014-01-24

The Dean of Green debuted on WGLT-FM in 1993. It's now heard live Fridays at 8:50 AM and 4:50 PM (CT) on our live stream at or on the air in central Illinois at 103.5 and 89.1 FM. Whether you've got a green thumb or are hopeless with a hoe, you can find a kindred spirit in the Dean of Green! Don Schmidt takes the mystery out of gardening and puts in fun instead. His down-to-earth advice covers topics ranging from analyzing soil to choosing healthy shrubs to utilizing watering techniques that won't drown your garden. Joined by patient co-host, Laura Kennedy, Dean-o troubleshoots YOUR problems as he tackles listener questions with an equal mix of science and silliness. You can send in your question for the mighty Dean right now by going to the Dean of Green page at