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October 10, 2022

Increased the Episode Limit on the Embeddable Multiplayer

Podcasters can now include up to 600 episodes in their embeddable multiplayer (previous limit 300).

Available to: All paid hosting accounts

September 16, 2022

Just-in-Time Provisioning Inactive Removal Setting

Added “JIT Provision Inactive Period Before Removing” option in the company dashboard> Settings> Advanced Options>Access Options. If there is a time selected for JIT, private members will be removed from the private member list and lose access to the private podcasts after being inactive for a period of time, freeing up seats for other users. The default setting is "Never".

The dashboard also now displays “last activities time” in the private member list page. Admins can check the last activities time of their private members.

Available to: Business plan and above users

September 14, 2022

New Podbean Business/Enterprise Dashboard

We’re excited to announce that we have upgraded the Podbean company dashboard to create a streamlined user experience and added new features. All accounts switched to the new dashboard as of September 15, 2022.

You can review the complete set of business account “how to” articles by clicking here.

Available to: Business plan and above users

June 28, 2022

Added Regions in Geographic Listener Location Data for More Countries

Sweden and Germany regions added. 

Available to: Podbean Network, Business, and Enterprise Users

June 22, 2022

Create Custom Episode Link

Allows paid users to enter a "custom episode link"/URL when publishing or editing an episode.

Available to: All paid hosting accounts

June 17, 2022

Export the Media URLs of Your Published Episodes

Export data by episode

Available to: All Podbean podcasters

June 01, 2022

Recommended Vendors for Podcasters

 Podbean featured vendors page with special discounts for Podbean customers Check it out here

Available to: All Podbean users

May 16, 2022

Group Recording in the Podbean App

Remote recording with cohosts and guests from the Podbean app, with multitrack files (cloud and individual device) for optimal sound and editing.

Available to: All Podbean users

April 29, 2022

Change Dashboard Language

Users can change the language used on their Podbean dashboard.

We also released one-click submission to Podchaser podcast directory.

Available to: All Podbean podcasters

April 22, 2022

Batch Set/Delete Season Numbers and Tags

Podcasters can select the batch add or delete options in their episode list for season numbers and tags, rather than having to individually make those changes.

Available to: All Podbean podcasters

April 12, 2022

Ad Management in Dashboard to Run Podcast Promotional Campaigns

For podcasters, we added a menu of "Ad Management" in the podcast channel dashboard. We now provide a new option of “Promote your podcast by advertising on other podcasts” to create campaigns to promote their podcasts through audio ad campaigns.

Available to: All Podbean podcasters

April 12, 2022

Extended Closed Captioning to Free Accounts

Podbean released transcription and closed captioning in December 2021, but has now extended this feature to free account users. For more information on this feature:

Available to: All Podbean podcasters