Podbean live streaming works great for:

  • Comedies and talkshows
  • Community engagement
  • Internet radio
  • Webinars and classes
  • Church activities
  • Virtual conferences and panels
Podbean live streaming

Podbean Live is a new type of live streaming based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk and listen to each other in real-time.

Professional tools, simple setup

Professional tools, simple

Professional tools, simple setup

Give your live streaming audio professional quality without any high
level hardware support. Easily schedule, create and share your live session
on the web or iOS/Android apps in few clicks.

Give your live streaming audio professional quality without any high level hardware support. Easily schedule, create and share your live session on the web or iOS/Android apps in few clicks.

You control everything

Keep your room private with invitation-only mode or open it up to the public for more exposure. Customize your livestream’s branding, layout and background music. Assign live room admins to help you monitor audience activity in real time.

You control everything

Extremely interactive and rewarding

Boost listeners engagement with a suite of powerful, easy-to-use interaction tools — including co-host invitations, listener call-in functionality and live chat. Fans can reward hosts with virtual gifts, making giving fun.

  • Fan Club: recurring income from your most loyal fan base with special live stream privileges.
  • More revenue: hosts earn money when listeners pay to join the fan club.
  • More engagement: hosts can boost engagement with Fan Club members.
Extremely interactive and rewarding

"I've been podcasting with Podbean for over a year! It's my one year anniversary. I couldn't be more proud of Podbean and what it offers at reasonable premium prices. I've tried other podcasting apps, but this one fits our podcasting needs at a great price. We have unlimited bandwidth and we have live shows! There is no glitching during live shows and uploading is simple and user-friendly. Podbean has excellent customer service and answers my emails within 24 hours! "

——Unity Love, Unapologetic Poetic Show

How Does Podbean Livestream Work?

Simple setup

Simple setup

Get started with live streaming in just a few minutes. Podbean Live makes it easy to get started with live audio today from your phone or computer.

Invite speakers

Invite speakers

Invite your community to engage in your live stream. Users can chat, call in, and send virtual gifts. Connect and build community.

Go live with Podbean

Go live with Podbean

Start your live stream session and enjoy the experience of social audio. Chat with listeners, take calls, and create an engaging conversation.

Bump up podcast production

Turn the live show recording into evergreen content by publishing it as a podcast episode.

  • Record your livestream with studio quality automatically.
  • Edit your recording to your satisfaction with post-production tools.
  • Publish your live audio as podcast episode in few clicks or repurpose it any way you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podbean Live Streaming?

Podbean Live Streaming is social audio at its best. It is a live streaming audio experience for your community to enjoy and interact. It can be set up as an exclusive invitation-only event or open to the public to help you grow your potential audience with exposure in the Podbean app.

How do I monetize my livestream?

Listeners can send you virtual gifts, which earn you PodPoints that can be cashed in. They can also buy “Superchats” to highlight their messages in the livestream chat, which earns you PodPoints.

Is it free to set up and are there any live streaming limits?

It is totally free to set up your live show. Livestreams are limited to 2 hours and 200 listeners to start, but you can earn points to increase these limits. See this article for more detail.

How is the audio quality and are there any requirements for hardware or equipment?

Podbean Live offers reliable, high-quality audio. You can start your livestream from your computer or mobile phone with no special equipment. We recommend a strong network connection to maximize quality. Callers must join from the Podbean app.

Expand the possibilities for your podcast with live streaming!