Why Use a Private Podcast?

Private podcasting is a secure, internal communications solution. It brings the power of voice and story to the key information you need to convey to your team. Advance learning, sense of mission, skills, and connections with an array of content at your team’s fingertips.

Why Use a Private Podcast?

Training with a Private Podcast

Get information and learning into the hands of employees wherever they are, when they need it. Use podcasts for microlearning, reinforcement, subject-matter knowledge, and more.

Share Recordings of Internal Events

Make the most of your internal events and increase engagement and knowledge application. Repurpose meeting content or webinars. Share subject-matter knowledge talks.

Internal Communications

Modernize your internal communications. Bring a personal voice to help members understand the mission, vision, direction and be better equipped to succeed.

Secure Private Podcast Solution

Secure Private Podcast Solution

SOC 2 Certified Enterprise-level Security Combined with Convenient Access

Access control

You control who can access your private podcasts. Integrated with your company’s SSO login.

Podcast Encryption in Transit and at Rest

Your uploaded private podcasts are encrypted during transit and stored in encrypted data storage.

Private Podcast Groups

Organize podcasts in groups to segment content to the right people.

Podcasting Platform Empowering Collaboration

Powerful Tools to Efficiently Develop and Manage Podcasts

Unlimited Admins

Allows you to add as many employees as you need to create, manage, and publish podcasts.

Multiple User Roles

Easily delegate tasks to anyone in your organization with the right permissions to publish and manage podcasts.

Podcasting Platform Empowering Collaboration

Private Podcast App

The Podbean Pro App is specifically designed to play secure private audio and video podcasts on the go. It provides key podcast listening features like playback controls, customized settings, and custom playlists. The Private Podcast App is built with enterprise level security. It provides the ease and convenience to play podcasts anywhere at any time.

Comprehensive Podcast Data Analytics

Podbean provides second by second analytics. This detailed data lets you know which podcast episodes are played, when and who played them and from what devices. The data also shows how long the user played the episode, which areas were skipped, or replayed down to the second.

You can use these podcast analytics to understand how your podcasts are performing and improve them. You can even credit users for listening to a training course or other podcast content.

Comprehensive Podcast Data Analytics

Reliable and Scalable Enterprise Podcast Solution

Podbean hosts 500K+ podcasts and serves millions of downloads daily. We bring our 14 years experience as a top podcast host and work with hundreds of the world’s top organizations to serve your enterprise podcasts with the highest level of reliability and easy scalability.





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" It’s about frequency. You’ve got to hear that information in more than one medium several times before it truly resonates with you and it really sinks in...

This content had to be secure. The big piece that drove us to Podbean was the ability to have an SSO authentication verification before people are able to download and consume this content. "

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Marty Boyzuck Director, Enablement Technology Architecture & Design

" If you look back at the communication before, we had some weekly updates, usually an email blast, then we evolved into video. But what Podbean allowed us to do is take that and build it in a different way. We started to look into our audience and we started to segment it a little bit and we looked at their needs. It empowered us to really start to deliver some different content that we had never done before. That became critical during COVID and working remote: things like well being, things like training. "

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Mark Bussell Scholastic Director of Growth and Development

How to Create a Private Podcast

1.Determine your purpose and goals.

2.Create a content plan.

3.Record your podcasts using recording gear and special podcast recording equipment or simply repurpose other tools like Zoom or recorded events.

4.Edit your recordings as needed. Some basic audio cleanup goes a long way to making a pleasant listening experience. You can outsource this also.

5.Upload your podcasts to Podbean. You can assign different admin roles to have team members assist with uploading, writing show notes, and managing your podcasts.

6.Publish in just a few clicks! Your designated private members will be able to listen to the podcasts immediately on the Podbean Pro app (or your Podbean white-lable app) and online. You can also embed players on your site or LMS.

7.Use your podcast statistics to analyze your success and changes needed.