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No Limits Podcast Hosting

Unlimited Bandwidth

Podbean podcast hosting offers unlimited bandwidth. Podbean supports your growing popularity, without any extra burden. Podbean smoothly serves up unlimited downloads for a flat fee.

Unlimited Storage

Podbean’s most popular podcast hosting plans come with unlimited storage. There is no monthly quota on uploading and no overall storage limit. You have total freedom to build your content at your own pace without worrying what it will cost you.

No Limits Podcast Hosting

Fast and Reliable Network

Our robust hosting network utilizes Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Podbean’s own CDN network. This dual network provides fast and reliable podcast hosting, ensuring a smooth experience for your fans no matter where or how they listen. Our network reliably serves up some of the most popular podcasts getting millions of downloads. For over 10 years, we’ve been helping podcasters of all genres and sizes...150,000+ podcasts rely on our podcast hosting network.

All The Features You Need For Podcast Hosting

Focus on the things you love and let us handle the rest

Beautiful Podcast Site Designed For Podcasting

Each Podbean podcast hosting account comes with a customizable podcast site. Choose from many professionally designed podcast themes to match your style. Customize with your graphics, colors and preferred layout elements. Add sidebar widgets for maximum podcast site functionality.

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated technical support from our 24/7 Support Center via email or ticket. We also offer a complete help center with FAQs, step-by-step guides, a full video tutorial library, and webinars.


Podbean provides your fully functional podcast RSS feed for distribution to all the places listeners go to find podcasts. Distribute to iTunes (fully supports iOS feed tags), Google Play, Spotify and a wide array of podcast apps.

Automatic Promotion Tools

Use our built-in sharing tools to post your podcasts automatically to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and more. Send out your new episodes to your email list with the MailChimp integration. Your podcast will immediately be listed in the Podbean app, which offers special tools for listener engagement and feature opportunities.

Easy Domain/Brand Integration

It’s simple to integrate Podbean’s podcast hosting with your existing (or new) website. You can use your own domain for your podcast site, embed our custom players, or use built-in tools like our Wordpress plugin.

 Easy Domain/Brand Integration

Powerful Podcast Statistics Included with all Podcast Hosting

Know exactly how your podcasts are performing

Trending Statistics

Stay on top of how your podcast is performing. Podbean’s analysis tools give you an in-depth picture of your listeners, episodes and trends. Easily view and download all the data you need to succeed.

Trending Statistics

Audience Geo-Location

Podbean’s geographic podcast stats make it easy for you to see where your audience is located on the map. This can help you to include relevant information and build a sense of community with listeners from different parts of the globe. You can better target products or services and use this data to attract the right advertisers.

Audience Geo-Location

Listening Platforms

As you make decisions about your podcast, it helps to know what software and platforms listeners are using. You’ll understand more about how your listeners consume your podcasts and where your downloads are coming from.

Enhanced User Engagement Intel

Add Podbean’s User Engagement Intelligence for in-depth insights into actual listening behavior. Reveals what portions of your podcast users repeat, skip and when they stop listening. User Engagement Intel provides data that can really help you optimize your podcast and take it to the next level.

Podcast Monetization Tools

Podcast hosting with integrated options for making money from your podcast

Premium Podcasting

Our premium podcast function enables you to publish special content behind a paywall. Easily get paid with recurring subscriptions or selling single bonus episodes.

Patron Program

Podbean’s crowdfunding platform provides you a seamless way to convert your podcast fans into patrons, generating a monthly income stream with your listeners' support.

Advertising Opportunities

Podbean’s advertising services help you take advantage of ad dollars with a few clicks. Connect with advertisers and use Podbean’s dynamic ads insertion technology to maximize efficiency.

Podcast Monetization Tools
 iPhone and Android App

iPhone and Android App

Your audience can get your podcast anytime, anywhere with the Podbean app. Engagement tools such as comments help you build a stronger connection with your community.

Mobile podcasting: record podcasts-on-the-go using the Podbean app. Record, edit and publish right from your iPhone or Android.

Share Your Podcast

Share Your Podcast

Easily share your podcast across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Tumblr. And you can use our
embeddable players to embed your podcast easily into your website or blog.

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping podcasters
of all genres and sizes





8.8 Billion+


"Podbean has been consistently improving and investing in their platform. Beyond that, and much more important to me, they invest in their shows. Their level of service goes beyond the norm, the expectation, and even the hopes. They have helped me grow and sustain my shows so much."

Josh Hallmark

–Josh Hallmark, The Karen & Ellen Letters and Our Americana

“We love the selections for the layouts and themes. Not only are they user friendly, they are attractive and can be changed at any time without losing your content! Thank you Podbean for making our experience such a positive one.”



I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam

"The interface was miles above other hosting. I was continually impressed by the innovation, the reliable metrics, the ease of use and most importantly the many user guides and live chat service that managed to avoid the pitfalls normally associated with these services, and be a truly useful tool. I could not be happier with the switch."

Zach Mummert

–Zach Mummert, Are You Morbid ?

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