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Podcast Publishing

You’ll love how easy it is to get your podcast up and running. Podbean
gives you all the tools you need for managing your podcast.

Podcast Publishing Podcast Publishing Podcast Publishing Podcast Publishing Podcast Publishing
Podcast Publishing

Easy Publishing

Get started without the learning curve. The intuitive interface makes publishing a podcast as simple as a few clicks.

Unlimited Audio & Video Hosting

No limits on downloads, episodes or recording time. Flat-rate, affordable plans for worry-free podcasting.

Professional Podcast Website

Podbean includes a free podcast website with your account. Choose from a variety of professional themes that you can customize to fit your needs.

Own Domain Integration

Use your own branded domain for your podcast website.

Scheduled Publishing

Convenient publishing on your timetable. Upload your audio and schedule episodes to post at designated times.

Cover Art Creator

Generate your custom cover art in a few clicks, combining images and fonts to catch your listeners’ eyes with a beautiful but unique podcast cover.

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Distribution & Promotion

You want to get your voice heard. Podbean helps with tools to get your podcast
in front of potential listeners and help you grow your audience.

Distribution & Promotion
Podbean app Apple Podcasts Youtube Spotify Google Podcasts
Distribution & Promotion

All Destination Podcast Distribution

Easily get your podcast on all the places people listen, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and podcast apps.

Embeddable Players

Professional-looking, customizable players to embed your podcast on your websites and blogs. Single-episode and multitrack players in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Social Media Auto Sharing

Automatically post your new episodes to social networks once you connect them with your Podbean account. Generate videos for use on Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Amazon Alexa

As soon as you publish a new episode, it will be available on Alexa devices via the Podbean Alexa skill.

Podbean App

Your new episodes are instantly available in the Podbean apps for iOS and Android.

Email Integration

Collect email addresses and automatically share your new episodes to your subscribers via Podbean’s Mailchimp integration.

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Podcast Statistics

Podbean’s comprehensive statistics give you all the insights you need to
track how your podcast performs.

Podcast Statistics Podcast
Podcast Statistics

Downloads and Trends

Podbean not only provides you download numbers for each episode but also shows you the trends to better understand how your podcast is performing with your audience.

Top 10 Episodes

Podbean automatically summarizes all your downloads data and presents you the top 10 episodes for various date ranges. Easily identify which episodes get the most listeners and spot patterns to grow your audience.

Listener Geographies

See where your listeners come from on the map. View where your podcast is popular and your listener distribution so you can include relevant information, target sponsors and more.

User Agents

The user agents chart tells you which devices and apps your audience uses to get your podcast. Knowing the top apps, you can check your podcast there and explore opportunities to engage with listeners or further grow your audience.

Downloads by Time of Day

Wondering what days and times are best to release new episodes? Downloads by time of day shows you which days of the week and at what times your podcast gets the most listens. Make sure episodes are out in time to take advantage of peak listening.

User Retention

Podbean provides unique user retention data to let you know how attractive your podcast content is to your listeners. The graph shows the percentage of listeners retained over the recent weeks.

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Podbean AI

Stand out in the crowded podcast landscape with Podbean AI's cutting-edge features.

Podbean AI Podbean Podcast
                    AI Podbean Podcast
Podbean AI

AI Audio Optimization

Noise Reduction

Eliminate unwanted noises from your podcast recordings. Enjoy a polished sound that enhances the overall listening experience.

Intelligent Leveler

Adjust volume levels between speakers, music, and speech, creating a well-balanced and enjoyable podcast.

Cut Filler Words and Silence

Trim silent segments, pauses, and filler words such as "ah", "uhm", "mh", or "ähm" for a smoother flow.

Filtering & AutoEQ

Remove undesirable frequencies and sibilance (De-Esser), producing a clear, warm, and pleasant audio experience.

AI Generated Content

Automated Title and Show Notes

Save time efficiently by automatically generating captivating titles and descriptions with AI, engaging your audience effortlessly.

AI Enhanced Transcripts

Boost accessibility and SEO with automated, accurate transcripts of your episodes. Increase search engine visibility and make your content more inclusive.

Precisely Crafted Chapter Markers

Effortlessly enhance listener engagement by adding precisely crafted chapter markers to your episodes, creating a dynamic listening experience.

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Podcast Monetization

Make money from your podcast. Choose the monetization methods that best fit your
podcast. Podbean provides everything you need.

Monetization Monetization Monetization

Podcast Advertising

Get matched with potential advertisers and boost your podcast's monetization by listing it for free on the Podbean advertising marketplace. Enroll in either Programmatic Ads or Host Read Ads to maximize your earnings.

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Dynamic Ad Insertion

A powerful podcast advertising management system that offers dynamic ad insertion capabilities. You can stay focused on creating high-quality content while the system automatically starts and ends ad campaigns as per your specifications.

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Patron for Podcasters

A seamless way for fans to support your podcast with recurring, monthly donations. Create a patron page in minutes, easily set different levels of donations/rewards. Podbean lets you publish patrons-only content just like you would any podcast episode.

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Apple Podcasts Subscriptions Integration

Leverage Apple Podcasts Subscriptions to receive monthly payments from loyal fans. Create subscription levels, provide exclusive content, and release episodes exclusively for subscribers.

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Live Streaming

Expand your podcast with audio live shows. Engage your audience in new ways.

                    Streaming Live Streaming

Listener Engagement

With Podbean live stream, your listeners can send you instant messages and call in to your live shows. You can interact with your fans on a whole new level.

Remote Co-host/Guest Call In

Invite remote co-hosts or guests to call in from anywhere in the world using live stream in the free Podbean app.

Revenue Opportunities

Receive virtual gifts from your audience and earn recurring income from your Fan Club membership. Virtual gifts can be converted to US dollars and cashed out.

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Your Podcast Studio App

The popular Podbean app, with over a million active users, provides the easiest way to
record podcasts in studio quality from anywhere.

Your Podcast Studio App Your Podcast Studio App Your Podcast Studio App Your Podcast Studio App

Powerful Podcast Recording

Start recording in just one tap. No wires, no complicated equipment, just capture audio straight from your phone and tablet anywhere anytime. You may also import existing audio directly.

Exclusive Music Integration

Choose your favorite background music, add predefined sound effects, or find a perfect intro/outro from our music library to combine with your own conversations.

Magic Editor and Post-production

Save hours of editing work with a few clicks. Replay your recording, cut out unwanted content, merge with intro/outro and publish or export.

Collaborate with co-hosts from anywhere

Record studio-quality remote interviews from anywhere. Schedule and invite up to 7 co-hosts or guests. All they need to do is click on the link to open the app.

Audience Engagement

Podbean’s community tools extend your podcast creation by helping you engage with your audience and make connections in the app. Leave and respond to comments, see followers and follow others.

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We’re always looking for ways to make our communication more accessible and engaging . Where we started with internal podcasts was thinking about our partners and getting a sense of their needs and the kind of communication that would work best for them . Our partners are busy people. They’re often driving from one client meeting to another. They need to be on top of a lot of things at once. We were really excited for the potential role that podcasts could play in their routines . Helping them with their needs.

St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Lauren Smith, Content Strategist

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