Why use Customer Service Video Training?

Embrace the power of podcasts to create industry-leading customer service training videos that will help you provide quality training for your personnel. Bring value to employee training by equipping your entire team with in-depth knowledge of products, services and company policy so they can confidently assist clients with their needs.

Why Use a Private Podcast?

Increase Efficiency

Use customer service training videos to streamline the employee training process from onboarding to in-house sessions. Use video podcast customer service training to keep everyone on the same page with expectations and company policy.

Empower Your Employees

Modernize training to allow your employees to learn on the go. Provide your staff with the correct information and training necessary to represent your brand and serve your customers with confidence.

Improve Your Brand Image

From the head office to the warehouse, make customer service everyone’s job. Improve your overall brand image by providing your clientele with uniform customer service that is helpful, customer-focused, and consistent.

Professional Customer Service Training for Your Corporation

Professional Customer Service Training for Your Corporation

A customer service video training platform that empowers employees and strengthens your team.

No Storage Limits

Never worry about storage or recording limits again. Podbean’s unlimited storage allows you to create quality customer service videos for all departments.

Record, Edit, and Publish in One Platform

Creating a podcast has never been easier. Record, edit, and publish your customer service podcasts within the same platform. Employees have instant access to episodes from any device.

Push Notifications and Data Analytics

Employees will be notified when new content is uploaded, and data analytics will help you track employee progress on company training sessions. Also use analytics to determine which content works best for your team.

Customizable Podcast Site

Use your company colors and logo to stay true to your brand. Choose between grid and list view displays for easier navigation for your podcast members.

Private Customer Service Videos for Training

A private customer service coaching platform – foster transparency and unity through podcasts.

Access Control for Customer Service Podcasts

SSO login integration and customizable share settings let you control who can access your content. Keep your customer service video training safe from competitors by only allowing authorized access.

Create Private Podcast Groups

Training videos may include different information so use the podcast group feature to ensure the right content is in the right hands.

Data Encryption for Better Security

With Podbean’s end-to-end encryption, your video and audio podcast data is safe while uploading and protected after publishing.

Private Customer Service Videos for Training

Private Podcast App

The Podbean Pro App is designed as a secure platform for businesses to host audio and video podcasting. Designed for easy listening, users can make use of playback controls, customize their settings, and create playlists. The Private Podcast App is built with privacy and security at the forefront so businesses can safely and confidently share internal information with employees and staff. The app allows listeners to both listen and watch podcasts at any time and from any device.


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" This content had to be secure. That was the big piece that really drove us to Podbean: the ability to have an SSO authentication verification before people are able to download and consume this content.

Our learning management systems and our other communications tools didn’t really have a good offline playback experience. So our people they’re not able to sit down and take their training / review information when they’re on a plane. Everyone else loads up podcasts to have available for their plane ride and you get to enjoy episodes while you’re logging miles. We couldn’t deliver the training they were looking for in any other way other than in a podcast type solution. "

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Marty Boyzuck Director, Enablement Technology Architecture & Design

"We have a leadership podcast where we actually share our company’s strategy...so you could say basically we have tons of stories for 8000+ plus employees to listen to."

We have hand selected particular episodes from all of these that we share with new joiners, so even before you start your first day at Slalom, we do share a few episodes that say “hey, this is a little about us. Get to know us. Feel comfortable before you even start. It helps them get a feel for us, but also helps them hit the ground running on day one.”

Vimal Parker Marketing Manager, Global Marketing

How to create Customer Service Podcasts

1. Plan out your content.

2. Record your podcast with the necessary audio and video equipment.

3.Edit audio and video recordings as required. You may need to outsource this stage, so factor that into your production time.

4.Upload your audio or video to Podbean’s hosting platform. The multi-admin feature lets you share content creation and management tasks with your podcast team.

5.Publish your podcast. Upon publishing, private podcast members can access episodes online or using the Podbean Pro App. Try the embeddable player feature to make sharing easy.

6.Track data analytics. View analytics to see which content your employees respond to best. Apply the style and format in future customer service training podcasts.