Why use a Private Video Hosting Platform?

Private video hosting platforms bring audio to life while still maintaining the potency of audio storytelling. Harness the power of video to reshape training, walkthroughs, and onboarding and make your internal communications more accessible for your team.

Why Use a Private Podcast?

Improve Employee Training

Streamline the onboarding process for new hires and help all employees learn new processes faster with internal training videos. Video hosting platforms let you personalize training sessions and create in-depth walkthroughs for your team.

Share Important Meetings

Share key points from important meetings to keep your whole team on the same page, even in remote work environments. Secure video hosting platforms let you summarize crucial information through video and increase efficiency in the workplace.

Internal Communications

Transform your company’s internal communications by making them personal and engaging for your team. Develop an inclusive company culture by making communications accessible to employees of all abilities.

Simple and Professional Podcast Video Hosting for your Business

Simple and Professional Podcast Video Hosting for your Business

A video platform with easy uploading, unlimited video storage, and notifications on new videos to keep employees in the know.

Unlimited Storage

Never worry about putting limits on your videos. With Podbean’s unlimited bandwidth, you can create as many podcast videos for your employees as you need.

Simple Publishing Process

Easily upload and publish video podcasts. Employees can access videos the moment they’re published and view them in high-definition quality.

Push Notifications

Let employees know when new videos are uploaded, so your entire team is always up-to-date.

Data Analytics

View detailed data analytics on your videos to see the type of content your employees respond best to.

Protected Private Video Hosting Solution

Private video hosting for businesses – where security and privacy meet convenience.

Control who has access

Secure video hosting platforms let you control who has access to your podcast videos. Customizable download and share settings and SSO login integration ensure that only authorized users can view your internal content.

Private Video Podcast Groups

Create groups within the platform to ensure all content is distributed to the appropriate people.

Encrypted video data

All video data is protected as it uploads and is placed in encrypted data storage upon publishing.

Protected Private Video Hosting Solution

Private Podcast App

The Podbean Pro App is specially designed to provide private audio and video hosting for businesses. Listener-friendly features like playback controls, personalized playlists, and customizable settings ensure a quality listening experience. The Private Podcast app is built to be just that – private. Businesses and enterprises can be confident that all confidential information is safe and secure. With the app, your listeners can watch or listen to podcasts wherever and whenever they want.


Used by the world’s top businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.

" It’s about frequency. You’ve got to hear that information in more than one medium several times before it truly resonates with you and it really sinks in...

This content had to be secure. The big piece that drove us to Podbean was the ability to have an SSO authentication verification before people are able to download and consume this content. "

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Marty Boyzuck Director, Enablement Technology Architecture & Design

" Because our consultants are so busy, the podcast medium allows them to stay connected and informed about what we’re doing while they’re not in front of their computers. Consultants and many of us love those power walks...they have the opportunity to plug in and listen on their headphones about some of the stories we have across the company while staying connected and working. "

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Vimal Parker Marketing Manager, Global Marketing

How to use Private Video Podcast Platforms

1.Identify the purpose of your video podcast.

2.Develop a content plan.

3.Record your podcast with video recording gear or online conference tools.

4.Edit audio and video recordings where necessary. Depending on the type of video podcast, you may need to outsource this step for more extensive and video-specific edits.

5. Upload your video to the Podbean platform. Podbean’s multiple-admin feature allows your team to share the content management role.

6. Publish your video. Your private video podcast members can immediately access your videos through the Podbean Pro app or online. Podbean also has embedded players for easy sharing.

7. Track analytics. Review data to see what works. Fix what doesn’t work in future episodes.