Why use Sales Video Training?

Harness the convenience of podcasts to create sales video training and development for your team. With easy accessibility and valuable information, you can boost sales, increase productivity and strengthen your salesforce.

Why Use a Private Podcast?

On-The-Go Learning

Empower sales teams to learn remotely and implement new techniques immediately. Invite industry experts for specialized training to provide your team with the most up-to-date best practices and how to execute them for optimal results.

Develop In-Depth Knowledge

Use sales training video podcasts to enhance employee knowledge of company products, services, and customer needs. Higher employee expertise means more meaningful conversations and better relationships with clients.

Unify Your Team

Bring individual members together and encourage teamwork and collaboration. Use sales training podcasts to improve the communication between departments so you can give more effective quotas and know what’s really happening on the field.

Professional Sales Training Solution for Your Team

Professional Sales Training Solution for Your Team

A sales training video platform to help your team improve their craft.

Different Functions, Same Platform

The Podbean platform lets you record, edit and even publish your sales training podcasts all within the same software. Users can upload podcasts from anywhere using their mobile devices. Podbean – podcasting made simple.

Unlimited Storage

Say goodbye to storage limits! Using Podbean’s unlimited storage and bandwidth, you can create as many sales training videos as your team needs. After publishing, videos are instantly accessible to your team members.

Listener Notifications and Commenting Features

Push notifications will let your sales team know when new videos are uploaded. Employees can access content from any device and comment on videos for instant feedback and increased engagement.

Detailed Analytics

Data analytics will provide you with detailed listener data so you can create the best training content for your sales staff.

A Private Sales Video Training Platform

Private sales videos for training – empower your team and keep your information confidential.

Control Access to Your Sales Training Podcasts

Ensure your sales training video content is safe with SSO login integration. Protect your podcasts from unauthorized access with customizable download and share settings.

Encrypted Video and Audio Podcasts

All podcasts are safely encrypted as they upload and then stored in Podbean’s encrypted data storage immediately after publishing.

Private Podcast Training Groups

Never send training content to the wrong person again. Give each new hire and existing team member the information they need with private podcast groups.

A Private Sales Video Training Platform

The Private Podcast App

The Podbean Pro App is designed to provide businesses and corporations with a secure audio and video hosting platform. With features like playback controls, playlists, and unlimited downloads, podcasters can listen at their convenience. Built for security, the Private Podcast App lets businesses quickly distribute important information to their employees and their employees only. Try Podbean’s Private Podcast App for your business podcast today.


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“Early adoption was like ‘Hey, what are you doing to me?’...and now the feedback that we get is ‘Hey, that was great information’...Podcasting allowed us to have a real conversation about where we’re at, how people are doing, what are we doing internally to adjust, pivot and shift, and everything that our associates are asking about.”

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Mark MathiaChief Experience Officer

“If you look back at the communication before, we had some weekly updates, usually an email blast, then we evolved into video. But what Podbean allowed us to do is take that and build it in a different way. It empowered us to really start to deliver some different content that we had never done before. It gives this ability to reach a much broader audience much quicker.”

Mark BussellScholastic Director of Growth and Development

How to create a Private Podcast for Sales Training

1.Create a content plan. This will make it easier to determine what needs to be recorded and when.

2. Record your audio or video podcast with the right recording equipment.

3. Edit your audio and video where necessary. Depending on the specific content requirements, consider outsourcing this step.

4.Upload your podcast to Podbean’s private hosting platform. For teams with multiple content managers, Podbean’s multi-admin feature allows multiple users to upload content from different devices.

5.Publish. Your private podcast members can easily access podcasts immediately upon publishing through the Podbean Podcast App or online.

6.Track podcast analytics. Use podcast analytics to see which devices and formats your employees use most often. Implement feedback in future episodes for optimal sales training podcast content.