Simplified Podcast Network Management

All the features you need to manage your podcast network

Modern Employee Support with Podcasts

Collaboration Tools

Unlimited admin allotment with different roles allows you to simply and securely manage different podcasts and work together with your team.

Dynamic Ad Management

The PodAds management system offers robust dynamic ad insertion tools for your entire podcast network.

Network Analytics

IAB-certified podcast statistics provide a bird’s eye view of your whole network and unique tools for in-depth analysis.

A Podcasting Platform That Grows with You

The best value podcast hosting plans with maximum flexibility

Podbean’s network plans offer true value whether you’re just growing your network or have a well-established slate of popular podcasts. Plus, Podbean’s tools support you to grow your podcasts and overall network. Podbean’s Pro plans include:

  • Unlimited podcasts
  • Unlimited storage
  • High bandwidth usage included
  • Multiple admin roles and unlimited admins
  • Comprehensive monetization tools that don’t lock you in or take high revenue shares
  • Audio livestreaming/social audio for audience engagement or special events
A Podcasting Platform That Grows with You
Podcast Network Monetization

Podcast Network Monetization

Full suite of built-in monetization tools to maximize revenue for your podcasts

PodAds Dynamic Ad Insertion

Run ads across the network, monetize your back catalogue, geo target ads, easily replace ads, run campaigns, and view statistics. All with no revenue share.

Advertising Marketplace

Fill ad slots quickly and easily by joining Podbean’s Ad Marketplace, where we match your podcast with dynamically inserted ads in the slots you select.

Listener Support Tools

Podbean offers a patron program, premium podcasting to sell content, and audience gifting in livestreams. Build community and revenue from your supporters.

Comprehensive Network Statistics and Detailed Analytics

Understand your podcast network’s performance with powerful, in depth analytics.

IAB Certified Statistics - View the performance of your whole network with various data points such as downloads, play time, average daily listeners, locations, and more.

Platform and Download Sources: Network level analytics that show what devices and platforms your listeners are using to engage with your podcasts.

Export raw data - Generate reports for your podcast network’s Podcast Downloads. Track listener engagement with our unique, second-by-second listener consumption User Engagement Intel report.

Comprehensive Network Statistics and Detailed Analytics
Comprehensive Network Statistics and Detailed Analytics

Reliable and Scalable Podcast Network Solution

Podbean hosts 500K+ podcasts and serves millions of downloads daily. We bring our 14 years experience as a top podcast host and work with hundreds of the world’s top organizations to serve your network with the highest level of reliability and easy scalability.





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Easy Onboarding

The simple, clean interface makes onboarding quick and painless. Free migration and a customized podcast onboarding guide to set up your podcasts smoothly.

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Our dedicated enterprise podcast
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Custom Features

Development support for custom
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