The Impact of Corporate Storytelling

“ Because our consultants are so busy, the podcast medium allows them to stay connected and informed about what we’re doing while they’re not in front of their computers. Consultants and many of us love those power walks...they have the opportunity to plug in and listen on their headphones about some of the stories we have across the company while staying connected and working. ”

Giving Your Ambassadors a Voice

" Early adoption was like ‘Hey, what are you doing to me?’...and now the feedback that we get is ‘Hey, that was great information’...Podcasting allowed us to have a real conversation about where we’re at, how people are doing, what are we doing internally to adjust, pivot and shift, and everything that our associates are asking about. "

Podcasting for Training and Internal Communications

" It’s about frequency. You’ve got to hear that information probably in more than one medium several times before it truly resonates with you and you’re willing to make a change and it really sinks in….You’ve got to promote the information more than just the podcast itself. If you expect the audience to change or to learn something or to modify their behavior in some way just because you’ve put out a podcast about it, it’s not enough. You’ve got to reinforce that the podcast is there, then you’ve got to reinforce that message over and over in different ways"

How Jostens Used Podcasting to Boost Morale and Connect their Employees

" If you look back at the communication before, we had some weekly updates, usually an email blast, then we evolved into video. But what Podbean allowed us to do is take that and build it in a different way. We started to look into our audience and we started to segment it a little bit and we looked at their needs. It empowered us to really start to deliver some different content that we had never done before. That became critical during COVID and working remote: things like well being, things like training. "

The Benefits of Podcasting in Business with Lauren Smith of St. James's Place

" We’re always looking for ways to make our communication more accessible and engaging. Where we started with internal podcasts was thinking about our partners and getting a sense of their needs and the kind of communication that would work best for them. Our partners are busy people. They’re often driving from one client meeting to another. They need to be on top of a lot of things at once. We were really excited for the potential role that podcasts could play in their routines. Helping them with their needs. "

How to Build Branded Podcasts with Kaspersky

" For me, this is a really exciting area where you can have things that work across video and across audio...What we found with audio through the data that we were able to get from the Podbean platform...we were able to see where people were spending time on our EPs. The dwell time was on avg 5min + per EP. So all of the EPs were 20 minutes, it’s still a very good engagement rate. You just wouldn’t get that view through/listen through rate on video channels, so we were very delighted with that. "

How to Create a Thought Leadership Branded Podcast With Gene Marks of Paychex’s Business Series

" It’s all about branding. The audience of potential small do you reach them all? There’s no silver bullet for reaching them all. You have to extend your reach to as many channels as possible. Podcasting has been growing in leaps and bounds... if they ignore the podcast world, they really are missing out on a lot of entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, people w/ employees that could really be potential customers of theirs."

How Branded Podcasts and Internal Members Podcasts Provide Benefit: with The Moderate Party

" We needed something that people could have easy access to all day, all night. People have really liked it, so we’re happy. We decided to start podcasting in February as a result of the pandemic. We thought “how can we reach people when they’re at home?”. The idea of a podcast came to mind...It’s going great. I hope we will continue. We have an election next year and we’ll continue with podcasting because we think it’s a great tool and the results show that, as well."

Brand Building with Company Branded Podcasts at EY

“It helps us to stay close and connected to respective industries. By connecting and engaging with experts and opinion leaders, we’re able to express our opinions and exchange ideas with lots of interesting people. It helps us to keep up with recent trends and allows us to educate a wider range of listeners”.

Recruitment Podcasts and Reaching Recruits with White and Case

“We have a video assessment component of our online application and we’ve had students actually say ‘I listened to this in the podcast and it really helped me prepare for my virtual interview’. It’s helping them. They hear from their peers who have gone through similar things.“

Why Employee Stories Matter with Lehigh University

“I love hearing from both the people who work with the interviewee, but also people from random parts of the university that said ‘You know, I was listening to this on my way home and I heard this story and I had no idea about this person.’ I can tell that it’s reaching people on a human level and building community.”

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