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"I made a free Podbean account out of curiosity and immediately knew I was switching from Soundcloud. The interface was miles above other hosts. As I completed the transfer to Podbean I was continually impressed by the innovation, the reliable metrics, the ease of use and most importantly the many user guides and live chat service that managed to avoid the pitfalls normally associated with these services, and be a truly useful tool. The automatic audio to video conversion for YouTube sharing is a major highlight and integrating Podbean into our burgeoning website was a breeze. I could not be happier with the switch."

–Zach Mummert, Are You Morbid ?

"I decided to host my second show on Podbean, because of the great price. This was the best podcasting decision I’ve made. Podbean has been consistently improving and investing in their platform. Beyond that, and much more important to me, they invest in their shows. Their level of service goes beyond the norm, the expectation, and even the hopes. A month ago, I moved over my original pod to Podbean. They have helped me grow and sustain my shows so much."

–Josh Hallmark, The Karen & Ellen Letters and Our Americana

"As an owner of a podcasting studio and a podcaster, Podbean gives you a family where they make sure your podcasts are listened to. From hosting a podcast, to having a library full of answers to seek information from, Podbean makes it easy and simple for me and my clients to start a podcast and get our messages heard. Podbean is considered family to me and my clients and we highly recommend it."

—Host of the Black Box Podcast and co-host/producer at Blacken Studios

"Podbean does an amazing job at helping the podcasts they host find new listeners. We definitely saw this when we were one of their featured podcasts - and the boost in numbers has held strong with the continued support from the Podbean team. Their support has truly been an integral part of our growth."

–Jay, Focused Fire Chat

"We love the selections for the layouts and themes. Not only are they user friendly, they are attractive and can be changed at any time without losing your content! Thank you Podbean for making our experience such a positive one."

–Lisa, I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam

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