The Compassionate Leadership Interview

The Compassionate Leadership Interview
50 Episodes
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Category: Business
Last Update: 2023-07-18
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A series of interviews with public, private, and third sector leaders for whom compassion is central to their practice. We explore compassion for one another, for teams and for oneself. It continues a journey that Chris started when he wrote Compassionate Leadership (, a book that combines life experience, psychology and neuroscience to create a point of departure for leaders that are seeking to create places of belonging at work. It's based on the observation that people thrive when they feel seen and heard, they are loyal when they are growing and developing, they are motivated when they understand the vision of the business. At the same time we acknowledge the diversity of people and the sophistication of the human mind. It's a sophistication that makes us a temperamental thoroughbred as opposed to a sturdy draft horse. We can be agile, creative, imaginative and empathetic but also obsessive, recalcitrant and depressive. Compassionate leadership involves embracing the messiness of the human condition and working with it. Chris is a coach, writer, and speaker, whose blog can be found on Medium ( You'll find him on Instagram at chriswh1tehead.