The ESL Teaching Podcast

The ESL Teaching Podcast
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Category: Language Learning
Last Update: 2023-12-05
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Welcome to The ESL Teaching Podcast, a place for K-12 teachers of English learners who are looking for simple and easy-to-implement ways to engage their students and for inspiration and empowerment in their day-to-day teaching. Whether you need a boost of confidence in reaching ESL/ELL newcomers, students in mixed proficiency level classes, or clarity in how to help them access content in the mainstream classrooms, this podcast will quickly become your go-to spot for inspiration and support. Each week, you will hear actionable and easy-to-implement tips and strategies from me, your host, as well as interviews with amazing ESL teachers, and educational consultants around the country so you can leave inspired and ready to rock on. For more teaching tips, strategies and teaching resources, go to And to connect with other like-minded educators of English learners, join us over at our Facebook group Helping ESL/ELL Teachers K-12 where you can find support, ask questions, and share your expertise.I always say: teaching English learners is the best job in the world. And even though it’s sometimes hard, by staying open and learning together, we make it a path of discovery and adventure. I will see you inside the show!