Stories from Evergreen - An exceptional place to work & live!

Stories from Evergreen - An exceptional place to work & live!
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Category: Society & Culture
Last Update: 2022-04-27
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The Stories from Evergreen Podcast explores the power that we have as a community to serve our residents and make a positive impact on our local family here in our great city of Osh-Kosh. It is a place for us to discuss the improvements that we are making to our programs, a chance to highlight our staff for their commitment as well as an opportunity to hear from our residents. We value the care that our staff & colleagues display to our residents and this podcast is a way for us to celebrate the ways that we help our residents to expand and live full, engaging lives! We also look forward to sharing the experiences of our residents here at Evergreen and perhaps tapping into the rich reservoir of their collective wisdom - our residents know a lot and have qualities that we can share on this podcast. We hope you'll join us regularly for new episodes of Stories from Evergreen - An Exceptional Place to Work and Live!