Glitter and Might
5 Episodes
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Category: TV & Film
Last Update: 2023-08-09
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For 50 years, Lew Wasserman ruled Hollywood from the shadows, a symbol of ruthless power in a dark suit, oversized eyeglasses, and a permanent tan. He oversaw seismic innovations in actors' earnings, in the rise of television, in blockbuster movies, in the transformation of film studios into theme parks. The mogul was a critical figure in ending the famed labor strikes of 1960 and 1981. Even more, Wasserman connected Hollywood to political power in a way that endures to this day. Every president from Kennedy to Clinton took his calls. And he was as comfortable dealing with gangsters as with politicians. In Glitter and Might, an Audacy original documentary, film historian and best-selling author Shawn Levy unpacks this mystery man's extraordinary life and legacy - and how his impact is still felt today.