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Trending Statistics

Stay on top of how your podcast is performing. Podbean’s analysis tools give you an in-depth picture of your audience, episodes and trends. Easily view and download all the information you need to succeed.

Geo-location Data

Podbean’s podcast geographic statistics make it easy for you to see where your audience is coming from on the map. This can help you to include relevant information for those listeners, and build a sense of community by acknowledging listeners from different parts of the globe. You can better target products or services and use this data when attracting potential advertisers.

Client Software/Platform

As you make decisions about your podcast and ensure it’s accessible for your listeners, it helps to know what software and platforms they are using. You’ll understand more about how your listeners consume your podcasts.

Enhanced User Engagement Intel

User Engagement Intelligence reveals in-depth insights into the behavior of your users on the Podbean app and players. You can easily see what portions users play over and over, what they skip, when they stop listening and more. User Engagement Intel provides statistics that can really help you optimize your podcast and take it to the next level.

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