Recommended Vendors for Podcasters

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Rev: Rev is a 99%+ accurate human transcription service that is fast, affordable at $1/ audio min, and easy to use. $10 off your first order using this link.

Temi: Temi is a web and app-based tool for transcribing and editing recorded audio, designed to simplify work for podcasters. Temi costs $0.10 per minute to convert audio into an interactive text transcript. First order free for every Podbean customer.

Repurpose House: Explode your social media presence with your existing content. We turn every type of content, like your podcast episodes, into social media savvy audiograms, video memes, and images for one flat monthly rate. Use this code at checkout for $200 off signup: PODBEAN.

AWeber: Email marketing and automation for podcasters. 30 day free trial for Podbean podcasters.

Alexa Guy: Nearly a billion devices can play Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a key place to have your podcast. The Alexa Guy has created hundreds of skills for happy clients. Get a custom skill for your podcast on Alexa or Google Assistant. Exclusive deal: 75% off for Podbean users. Just use promo code PODBEAN at checkout.

Headliner: Headliner is the easiest and best way to promote your podcast on social media. No CC required and our free plan is feature rich. Use this link to get the Pro plan for free for 2 weeks!

Alitu: Edit your podcast in minutes with Alitu. Simple, powerful editing tools, audio cleanup, add music and transitions and more, before publishing directly to your host (integrated with Podbean). Get 30% off your first 3 months with the code podbean30.