podbean podcaster monetize terms

Last Updated: December 16, 2022

These Additional Monetization Terms (“Additional Monetization Terms”) apply to the Podbean Services that allow you to monetize Podcast Content (collectively, “Monetization Programs”), including the Podbean Podcast Ads Marketplace (“Ads Marketplace”), PodAds (“PodAds”), Patron Program (“Patron Program”) and Podbean Premium Podcasts (“Premium Podcasts”). Terms not defined in these Additional Monetization Terms are defined in the Podbean Podcaster Agreement Master Terms. For clarity, the Monetization Programs constitute Podbean “Services”.

As a Podcaster, you may elect to participate in our Monetization Programs. Some Monetization Programs can be activated by you in your account; others may require you to enter into an IO with Podbean. Podbean may decline to allow you to participate in Monetization Programs and may suspend/terminate your participation at any time, for any or no reason.


The Ads Marketplace allows you to include advertising in your Podcasts in various ways, including programmatic/dynamically inserted ads and host-read ads. By participating in the Ads Marketplace (or by using a free Podbean hosting plan), Podcaster authorizes Podbean and its advertisers to place ads in podcasts. Except for any commitments you make for campaigns of a particular duration, you can opt out of the Ads Marketplace at any time.

Ads Marketplace is a self-service platform. Podbean does not negotiate advertising terms on your behalf.

For programmatic ads, you have the right to opt out advertisements in certain IAB categories. Podcaster acknowledges and agrees that Podbean is not responsible for any mis-classified ads which should be in the opt-out categories but get played in your podcast. Podbean will provide a list of recent advertisers. Podcasters can select an advertiser and opt out all future ads from this advertiser.

The Ads Marketplace is a Service that connects you with advertisers and ads. Podcaster acknowledges and agrees that Podbean is not responsible for ads, ad campaigns and targeting, links within ads, landing pages or other destinations to which ads direct end users (including related URLs, waypoints, and redirects) or any advertiser’s services and products.

If Podbean provides you with an opportunity to do host-read ads for an advertiser, you will not enter into any separate arrangement with that advertiser (i.e., outside the Ads Marketplace) for at least one year after the first host-read ad for advertiser is published. If you do host-read ads, the following additional requirements also apply: You must not (a) disparage the advertiser or speak or act in any manner that will bring public ridicule, boycott, or public criticism of the advertiser or (b) commit any act or conduct yourself in any manner which (as determined by Podbean or the advertiser in its sole discretion) (i) could be a criminal offense under international, federal, state or local laws, whether such offense is charged or not; (ii) brings yourself into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule; or (iii) is unprofessional, unethical, deceitful, discrediting, or detrimental to the reputation, character, or public standing of the advertiser or its affiliated companies or sponsors.

Joining Ads Marketplace is free. Except for Podcasters using free Podbean hosting plans, Podcasters participating in the Ads Marketplace are eligible to receive a portion of the net revenue Podbean collects for ads served in their podcasts. The applicable percentage of net revenue will be stated in the Services or in an IO.

Except where different pricing is specified (e.g., in the Services or an IO), CPM is used as a metric to determine the price of advertising and payment amounts are based on the CPM rate on the verified downloads in which the ads were served. You can view statistics for your ad campaigns in the dashboard to see the number of ad downloads served. Ad downloads may be different than your overall download numbers due to the specifications of the campaign.

In these Additional Terms, “net revenue” means the amount received and retained by Podbean from advertisers for ads served in podcasts. Net revenue is calculated net of any taxes that are required to be collected, withheld or paid by Podbean (excluding taxes on Podbean’s net income) and net of credit card or other payment processing fees, bad debt and chargebacks (including for fraud), commissions, credits, refunds or discounts allowed or paid to advertisers. Net revenue does not include amounts generated while Podcaster is in violation of the Agreement (including the Acceptable Use Policy).


PodAds is a dynamic podcast ad insertion platform provided by Podbean. Podcasters can launch, manage, and stop Podcaster-sourced ad campaigns on their podcasts by themselves via PodAds. Podcasters control their agreements with advertisers, ad creative, set their ad slots, determine when ads run, set geo targeting and other specifications, and collect payments from advertisers..

Podbean charges $1 per thousand ad downloads served in PodAds, as measured by Podbean’s IAB-certified analytics. These charges are strictly for serving ads via PodAds, and do not reflect hosting charges or any other services Podcaster may use. Podcasters must provide a form of payment to start the campaign to cover the charges. The service is charged weekly when the amount is larger than USD $10. There are no additional fees or revenue sharing. Podcasters can stop PodAds campaigns at any time.


The Patron Program allows you to raise funds for your podcasts. In the Patron Program, we refer to Podcaster fundraising campaigns as "Campaigns." We refer to users who contribute funds as "Patrons" and to the funds they contribute as "Pledges".

The Patron Program is an online crowdfunding venue for Podcasters seeking to raise funds for their own Campaigns and to contribute to the Campaigns of others. Podcasters can offer rewards in the form of tangible items or intangible services (collectively, "Rewards") to Patrons. Podbean is not a party to these arrangements. All Pledges will be paid to Podcasters directly. Podcasters are solely responsible for resolving all disputes and complaints related to the Patron Program, Pledges and Rewards.

Podcasters are legally bound to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Patrons, including delivering all Rewards. If you are unable to provide a promised Reward, you must work with the Patron(s) to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, which may include refunding Pledges. Podbean is under no obligation to become involved in disputes or complaints between Podcasters and Patrons. In the event of any such dispute or complaint, we may provide the Podcaster's contact information to the Patron so that the two parties may resolve their dispute.

The Patron Program service is available for Podbean Unlimited Plus and above plan users. There is no setup fee. Podbean retains 5% from Pledges collected. There are additional Stripe credit card fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.


Podbean may offer Podcasters the ability to charge fees for podcasts. Your premium podcasts are sold on Podbean iOS and Android Apps.

You set the fees for your Podcasts. Fees are subject to a 20% Podbean transaction fee and a 30% fee to the relevant app store (Apple or Google Play). For example, if your premium podcast price is USD$10, you will receive USD$5 for each sale.


Podbean will pay you within thirty (30) days following the end of each month. Payments are based on the amounts we received in the prior month. We reserve the right to set a minimum payment amount. You will need to add your PayPal account information to your Podbean account get paid.

As between the parties, Podbean’s records of impression counts and other metrics shall be determinative.

No payment is owed to Podcaster under any Monetization Program in certain limited circumstances, including if your account is suspended or terminated by Podbean, if Podbean believes that you are not fully complying with the Agreement, if advertisers, Patrons or end users request that Podbean investigate your conduct, if Podbean receives complaints regarding you or your Podcasts (including infringement claims), if Podbean does not receive the relevant revenue for more than 6 months after the impression or transaction occurred, and other similar circumstances as judged by Podbean in good faith..

Between Podcaster and Podbean, Podbean has sole control over administering all advertiser, Patron and end user transactions, including resolving transaction disputes and fraudulent activity claims (except as explicitly described above). If Podbean makes refunds, credits or discounts in excess of the amounts owed to Podcaster, Podcaster will pay Podbean for such excess amounts within 30 days of Podbean’s request.

Podbean is entitled to offset amounts that Podcaster owes Podbean against any payment that Podbean makes to Podcaster under the Monetization Programs.


Podbean may make non-material changes to these Additional Terms at any time without notice and will make any material changes with advance notice. Changes to these Additional Terms will be posted at Link to https://podbean.com/podbean-podcaster-monetize-terms. Your participation in any Monetization Program following any changes will constitute your acceptance of such changes. If you do not wish to continue using the Monetization Program under the updated Additional Terms, you may terminate your participation in the Monetization Programs.