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Thu, 25 Jul 2024
AI Unleashed: Podbean's New AI Features and Emerging AI Trends in Podcasting

Join us for an exciting follow-up event, 'AI Unleashed: Podbean's New AI Features and Emerging AI Trends in Podcasting'. This live virtual event is designed for podcasters eager to explore the cutting-edge advancements in AI technology and how you can transform your podcasting efforts. Building on the momentum of our previous event, we will delve into Podbean's newest AI features and discuss the latest trends shaping the podcasting industry. Key Takeaways πŸ†• New AI Features: Discover the latest AI tools Podbean has to offer and how they can streamline your podcasting workflow. 🌟 Emerging AI Trends: Learn about the newest AI trends and innovations impacting the podcasting industry. 🎧 Enhanced Audio Tools: Explore advanced AI-driven audio enhancement tools for superior sound quality. πŸ“Š Listener Insights: Gain deeper insights into your audience with advanced AI analytics. πŸ› οΈ Practical Applications: Understand practical applications of AI to enhance your podcasting strategy. πŸ” SEO and Discovery: See how AI can improve your podcast's search engine visibility and audience reach. 🎯 Content Personalization: Learn how AI can help tailor content to your listeners' preferences. πŸ’¬ Interactive AI Tools: Explore the potential of AI-powered interactive tools for engaging your audience. πŸš€ Future Innovations: Get a glimpse of future AI developments and how they might revolutionize podcasting. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, this event will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to elevate your podcasting game. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of AI in your podcasting journey!"   You'll also be able to ask your questions LIVE on YouTube where you can join the conversation, ask your questions in real-time and watch the replay! Learn more about Podbean AI: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-aiListen to the latest Podcasting Smarter episode on Podbean AI: https://podcast.podbean.com/e/a-podcast-revolution/

65 mins
Identity as Influence: Harnessing Your AAPI Roots to Carve Out Your Podcast Success

Unlock your podcast's potential with "Identity as Influence:Harnessing Your AAPI Roots to Carve Out Your Podcast Success," a transformative virtual event designed to inspire, educate, and empower Asian American and Pacific Islander podcasters. Join us as industry pioneers Lee Uehara and Andy Wang share their expertise, insights and practical strategies for leveraging cultural identity to carve out a successful niche in the competitive podcasting landscape. Why Attend? Learn from the Best: Gain insights from Lee Uehara's journey in founding the Asian American Podcasters Association and Andy Wang's expertise in blending finance with meaningful narratives. Strategies for Success: Discover actionable strategies to elevate your podcast, from storytelling and brand building to monetization and community engagement. Community and Collaboration: Connect with fellow AAPI creators in an inclusive environment, fostering collaboration and support. Key Takeaways: Crafting a unique podcasting voice that resonates with diverse audiences. Showcasing your background and heritage as a strength in content creation and audience engagement. Practical tips on podcast monetization, branding, and networking within the AAPI community. Understanding the role of awards and recognitions in podcasting success. This event is not just about finding your niche but embracing your identity as a beacon of inspiration and influence in the podcasting world. Whether you're a new voice eager to tell your story or an established podcaster looking to deepen your impact, "Identity as Influence" offers tools, knowledge, and network to propel you forward to podcast success!

60 mins
Amplify & Thrive: Growth Secrets from a Black-Owned Podcast Business

Join us for an exclusive virtual event with Bethany Hawkins, the dynamic force behind Crackers In Soup, a podcast production and growth company as she unveils her top strategies for podcast growth.   This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for podcasters looking to elevate their platforms and learn from one of the best in the industry. Why Attend? Discover 8 Key Takeaways: Innovative Content Creation: Bethany shares her secrets to developing content that captivates and retains audiences. Effective Brand Building: Learn how to build a brand that resonates with your audience and stands out in the crowded podcast market. Strategic Marketing Techniques: Uncover the power of marketing to boost your podcast's reach and listener base. SEO Mastery for Podcasters: Understand how to optimize your podcast for search engines and increase discoverability. Audience Engagement Strategies: Gain insights into engaging your listeners more effectively and turning them into loyal fans. Monetization Methods: Explore various ways to monetize your podcast effectively without compromising content quality. Networking for Growth: Learn how to leverage networking to expand your podcast's influence and reach. Personal Branding Tips: Bethany discusses how to use personal branding to enhance your podcast's appeal and audience connection. Who Should Attend? This event is perfect for aspiring and established podcasters, content creators, digital marketers, and anyone interested in learning how to grow a successful podcast. Don't Miss Out! Experience firsthand the wisdom and insights from Bethany, a leader in podcasting production and podcast service based businesses. Secure your spot today and take your podcast to new heights!

58 mins
Designing Success: The "Dear Alice" Design Podcast on Growth and Monetization

Join us for a live interview event where we delve into the remarkable journey of 'Dear Alice'! This exclusive virtual event featuring Jessica Bennett, Suzanne Hall and Cori Place the dynamic trio behind the acclaimed 'Dear Alice' interior design podcast and the Alice Lane Interior Design Team.   This insightful session, titled "Designing Success," delves into the strategies and stories that propelled their podcast to the top of the design industry and how it shares actionable creative tips with an engage listenership.   Key Takeaways:   Discover the 'Dear Alice' Journey: Uncover the key factors that led to the podcast's remarkable success and growth in the competitive world of interior design podcasting. Content Strategy and Potential: Explore how Cori, Jessica and Suzanne's deisgn background influences their approach to content, and which themes they share in the podcast Monetization Mastery with Podbean: Learn about their successful partnership with Podbean, understanding the strategies and features that helped monetize their podcast effectively. Branded & Porduct Success: Learn how the podcast has boosted both deisgn servies and home goods sales for Dear Alice as a brand Partnership Dynamics: Delve into the role of responsiveness and flexibility in their successful collaboration with Podbean and other partners. Advice for Aspiring Podcasters: Gain valuable insights and advice for new podcasters looking to grow and monetize their shows. Innovation and Relevance: Discover how 'Dear Alice' stays ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving podcast landscape, continually finding intriguing guests and topics. Building a Community: Learn about the techniques used by 'Dear Alice' to foster a strong sense of community and interaction among their listeners. Vision for the Future: Hear about the long-term goals and visions for the 'Dear Alice' podcast and how they plan to sustain its growth and success. Don't miss this opportunity to gain exclusive insights from the hosts of one of the top interior design podcasts. Whether you're a podcaster, a design enthusiast, or just curious about the world of digital content creation, this event is for you!

Thu, 02 Nov 2023
Unlocking Success: How 'DNA Today' Grew to OVER 100k - Live Interview Event

Join us for a live interview event where we delve into the remarkable journey of 'DNA Today,' the genetics radio show and podcast! With 100,000 ++ downloads you'll discover the secrets, strategies, and insights that propelled this podcast to achieve such a significant milestone.Our special guest, Kira, the host and creator of 'DNA Today,' will take you behind the scenes, sharing the story of how it all began, how she sells her show to sponsors and the incredible lessons learned along the way. Whether you're a podcast enthusiast, aspiring podcaster, or simply curious about the world of genetics and science communication, this event is a must-attend!What to Expect:• Insights into the genesis of 'DNA Today' and its mission to educate the public on genetic and public health topics.• How Kira uses DAI and ad tech to monetize 11 years of episodes• How she packages her ads for sponsors and creates value propositions• Firsthand accounts of memorable interviews with prominent figures in genetics and genomics.• Strategies employed to stay relevant in the ever-evolving field of genetics.• Deep dive into the monetization and advertising journey of 'DNA Today.'• Q&A session with Kira, allowing you to ask your burning questions.Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about podcast growth, genetics, and science communication. Secure your spot today and mark your calendar for November 2nd at 2:00 PM EST.Get ready to uncover the secrets of podcasting magic as Rob takes us behind-the-mic, sharing his insights, inspirations, and the art of crafting immersive audio experiences that spark young imaginations.