The Parent IEP Lab
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Last Update: 2023-11-21
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Turn into the parent advocate your child needs now by gathering context to how the process and system work so you can ask informed questions of your IEP team and get your child supported in school!! This podcast aims to help you secure an IEP that provides a positive learning environment for your child without having to fight with the school by sharing "insider" information about school and IEP culture along with strategies effective parent advocates use to get what they need for their child! The IEP Lab offers: The Ultimate Parent IEP Prep Course to kick IEP meeting stress to the curb by guiding you through narrowing your advocacy focus, writing your vision statment, parent input statement, and teaching you HOW to advocate for the best chance of success! Find out more at The Parent Advocacy Club is your support option that focuses on ongoing training and support for parent advocates including a monthly themed training, two digital download tools, a live Q&A with Beth, a Parent Connections group hosted by fellow parent advocacy Chellor Crossley, and a private Facebook group -- all for just $24/month! Join at