Married...with Content

Married...with Content
94 Episodes
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Category: Society & Culture
Last Update: 2023-12-03
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Jon and Maggie are married and love to talk about the stuff they're into, either by themselves or with their friends, which leads to all kinds of different topics, or content, if you will. Featuring: Married with Comics-Jon and Maggie paraphrase panels, explain exposition, and comment on some of their favorite comics. Transformers: The Rodpod-Jon M Wilson joins Jon and Maggie on a trip hurtling through space, with only the IDW Phase 2 Transformers comics to entertain themselves. Married watching Cartoons: Jon and Maggie take turns introducing the other to a cartoon they aren't as familiar with. Married with Clues minisodes: Jon and Maggie read each other Encyclopedia Brown stories and try to solve mysteries meant for 10 year olds. And whatever else we come up with.