Into Your Head
404 Episodes
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Category: Improv
Last Update: 2024-04-13
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When dry-witted Irish under-achiever, acquired taste amateur humourist, socially awkward practically unheard-of legally blind cat obsessive and husband Neal O'Carroll ingests a litre of generic energy drinks, he undergoes a magical transformation. He becomes a purveyor of madcap monologues, fanastical tales, comical tirades, nonsensical but impressively argued opinions, ludicrious lectures and a unique and novel way of pronouncing the word "dog". Along with his signature Two Cats Walk into a Bar stories, every segment is begun with no idea how the first sentence will end, never mind what the subject, if any, will be. Partly inspired by classic radio comedy Just a Minute, Into Your Head is a one-of-a-kind stream of conciousness comedy podcast by Neal from Ireland, and a creative method practiced and honed gradually over 18 years and 800 episodes. Please note the first 500 are not recommended for the uninitiated.