Media Storm
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Category: Politics
Last Update: 2024-06-20
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The multi award-winning investigative and current affairs podcast: this is news that starts with the people who are normally asked last. Media Storm is an essential guide to today’s chaotic clickbait climate. Every Thursday, journalists Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia storm through the headlines with the most important (and most overlooked) people in the story: the ones living it.  From ‘illegal immigrants’ to sex workers, strikers to prisoners, indigenous groups to trans people, many communities caught in the eye of the media storm are denied a fair voice in the coverage around them. Media Storm restores ‘right of reply’ to underrepresented minorities and equips listeners to take the mainstream media with a pinch of salt. It's your weekly current affairs round-up - but not as you know it. Featuring cross-platform comparisons, shrewd bullsh*t-radars, and finding the facts behind the fear-mongering, Media Storm is guaranteed to leave you with plenty to talk about. Become a supporter: