Safe Society
16 Episodes
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Category: Fiction
Last Update: 2024-05-02
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An 11-part tale of mass psychosis in an all-too-familiar world. In this satire that remixes horror and thriller tropes, an influential entrepreneur develops an irrational OCD, making him easily manipulated to absurd and terrifying policy extremes by a fearmongering lobbying organization. Will he wake up before it's too late?For the AI visual trailer and more details, visit https://safesociety.worldAll episodes will be available for free, but Apollo+ subscribers ( get uninterrupted access to the entire show right now, early access.From One Ocean Productions (Alberto and the Concrete Jungle). Written, directed, edited, and sound designed by Chris Shimojima ( Starring Zack Segel, Marlain Angelides, Eric Marq, Langston Fishburne, and Jasmine Ashanti.