The Big Hearted Podcast
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Category: Education
Last Update: 2024-05-28
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The Big Hearted Podcast has been created for educators to find inspiration and gather ideas for their own educational practice and to help broaden their perspectives on all aspects from education and care practices, to business and balancing their lives. Victoria Edmond has been involved with early years education for well over a decade. She has been the managing Director of Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care since 2012, and branched out with business partners Marta Koncz and Jess Thomas to create Big Hearted Education. After seeing how educators had difficulties with understanding the programming requirements, felt isolated and unsupported in their role, and had at times very little business guidance, they set about creating courses and resources to help educators feel confident in their own abilities. The Big Hearted Podcast is released weekly and features solo episodes from Victoria, as well as interviews with educators and specialists who can help educators to look at their business from a unique perspective.