60 Episodes
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Category: Drama
Last Update: 2024-07-08
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Step into the Antarctic and unleash your inner detective with COLD TAPES for the chance to win Super Sleuth of the Year 2025 and £10,000 at Set against the backdrop of Antarctica's six-month Winter Over, which is marked by perpetual darkness and isolation, our story delves into the intertwined lives and claustrophobic relationships of a small group of international scientists and crew stationed on a remote research base, Bowers Wilson.  In addition to the extreme conditions, the research station crackles with sexual tension, unexplained mysterious psychotic events, hidden criminal pasts and strange global conspiracy theories, thrusting any wannabe detectives into a gripping narrative surrounding the mysterious death of 33-year-old behavioural scientist Andrew Fairfield. With only sixteen people left on the base, the murderer must be one of them. Join the diligent and obsessive DCI Tessa McCallister, as she works around the clock to spearhead the police investigation from the UK and solve the murder from over 9,000 miles away. Start your investigation from 15th April and head to to charge your suspect. Pay £5 to access the entire investigation instantly ad-free PLUS your ticket to enter the competition*. The winner will receive the prestigious award of Super Sleuth of the Year at CrimeCon 2025 and a £10,000 reward. *Over 18s and residents of Great Britain only. Ts&Cs apply. Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook: