Jazmyn Gives Bad Advice
28 Episodes
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Category: Comedy
Last Update: 2022-09-15
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Welcome to Jazmyn Gives Bad Advice, a Pod People Original. Each week, comedian Jazmyn W interprets a listener-submitted question through sketch comedy, and then gives the listener her best (or worst!) advice. What qualifies Jazmyn to give advice? She has a lot of followers on TikTok - over a million!) and is a former HR expert, so she used to get paid to give advice. Good enough for you? If you have a question or scenario in your life that you need advice on, send Jazmyn your story at the link in her bio @JazmynJW across all social media platforms. Just be warned that if things go wrong based on the advice you receive...hey, the show is called Jazmyn Gives "Bad" Advice, so take it or leave it!