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Hebrew Bible to the World
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Category: Religion & Spirituality
Last Update: 2022-03-27
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I draw on 3 assumptions and 5 sources: Assumptions The Bible is the most consequential and influential book the ever existed and it has much for each of us. 2. It is written in a way that is designed to communicate maximum information in the available space, and it makes the reader a participant and co-author. 3. It is not a historical record but a book of instruction and it is structured and designed as such. It is true in that deep and profound sense. Sources: Hebrew and other languages. Volumes of Jewish interpretation - 3000 years of it. Modern and Christian interpretative traditions: Accept the Truth from whoever says it. Philosophy and everything else I know. I post outlines of each talk on avakesh.com. This Hebrew word means "I will seek". I welcome your questions at HebrewBibletotheworld@gmail.com