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Empowered Nation Podcast with Anelia Sutton
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Last Update: 2023-08-23
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Legal conflicts are fires that need to be put out immediately. They threaten your finances, your reputation, and your relationship with your family. The legal system itself is complex and daunting, leaving many people feeling afraid and lost—especially when you have little to no experience with it. You don’t have to take the Bar Exam to learn your rights, protect yourself in court, and get your case closed before it devours your money, time, or mental health. In fact, listening to Empowered Nation is the only thing you need to do to build confidence that justice will be served. After helping over 6,000 families conquer their legal battles, you will learn how to get your case closed and your freedom back in each episode. Have a legal battle? Want justice to be served, and the freedom and relief that comes when your case closes? Listen to Empowered Nation now.