Digital Folklore
52 Episodes
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Category: Society & Culture
Last Update: 2024-07-11

Digital Folklore is an immersive audio adventure that takes place inside a fictional universe, but explores the real-world truths behind various expressions of internet culture and how each holds up a mirror to the society from which they emerge. This podcast is great for audio fiction fans who really really want to enjoy interview-based shows, or for listeners who love expert interviews and insights but long for something unique and unexpected. Join Perry Carpenter and Mason Amadeus as they explore the wild and wonderful world of online folklore, encountering a wide range of characters—both real and fictional—who provide a wealth of folkloric insight while simultaneously creating new lore. With topics ranging from the absurd to the unsettling, the Digital Folklore podcast is an accessible and entertaining way to learn about folkloric concepts and societal truths. Oh...and be sure to listen carefully—you never know what you might find.