The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide Podcast

The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide Podcast
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Category: Christianity
Last Update: 2024-05-10

The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide - This podcast is a resource for Truthers. It's for those that have been labeled by society as conspiracy theorist kooks because you have begun to question OfficialDUM. Join us we explore answers and provide insight for the journey of the Truthers – those daring souls who continue to question the mainstream narrative. Coming from a conservative biblical world view, we will navigate the uncharted waters of many conspiracy theories and the fallout from embracing them. The loss of friends and family for not going along with OfiicialDUM anymore. We will explore the Mandela Effect and the Supernatural Bible changes, and unravel the mystery surrounding the blindness within the Christian community, especially among pastors, as they grapple with the inexplicable alterations in their sacred texts. We will explore Flat Earth, the lie which is NASA, underground bases, chemtrails, the vax eugenics rollout, the mark of the beast system, the elites and their breakaway civilization, the existence of reptilian shapeshifters that run the world from the shadows, clones in positions of power, geo politics and more….all from a biblical worldview.  Jump - Merch - & more the book - The Conspiracy Theorist Survival GuideAvailable on Amazon and most retailers more about the book John for interviews, live events etcjohn@wakeuporelse.comWakeuporelse Conspiracy theory Illuminati Tin foil hat Chemtrails Aliens Area 51 Deep state Global Elite Eugenics Extraterrestrials UFOs False Flags Fluoridation Rabbit hole Freemasons Freemasonry GMOs HAARP SCALAR Wave mind control MKUltra DARPA quantum dot hollow Earth JFK assassination matrix moon landing mud flood melted buildings NWO New World Order Antichrist 666 prophecy Supernatural Bible changes Nibiru parallel universe hydrogel dracos reptilian shapeshifters RFID Chips mark of the beast secret societies shadow government time travel transhumanism vaccines Qanon 9/11 inside Job sandy Hook false flag zombie