More Episodes

The Collier's Reel
2011-08-13 12.3k
Knocknagow (jig)
2011-04-26 11.9k
Do you want any more? (jig)
2011-02-06 12.5k
Tonn Teine (reel)
2010-11-20 12.1k
The Trip to Nenagh (reel)
2010-11-16 11.2k
Shamrock Hill (reel)
2010-10-05 12.1k
The Glenside Cottage (reel)
2010-08-21 10.6k
Iniscealtra (reel)
2010-08-08 10.2k
Ormond Sound (reel)
2010-07-30 10.2k
Ambrose Moloney's
2010-07-11 16.0k
The Sailor's Cravat (reel)
2010-07-07 7.9k
The Turnpike Gate (reel)
2009-10-30 12.1k
The Home Ruler (hornpipe)
2009-10-29 8.8k
The Hunter's Purse (reel)
2009-10-11 7.5k

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