More Episodes

An Award-Winning Episode
2020-09-09 2.5k
Contact Sport
2020-08-26 2.8k
Does Not Compute
2020-08-13 3.1k
Objective Unknown
2020-07-29 3.1k
Inexact Science
2020-04-30 5.1k
COVID Operations
2020-04-15 3.3k
Just Be Cause
2020-03-21 3.7k
The Expertise of Death
2020-01-29 4.3k
Going Off the Record
2020-01-17 4.0k
The Year 2019 in Review
2019-12-26 4.1k
Doctorpiece Theater
2019-11-29 4.0k
The Last Straw
2019-11-13 3.9k
Talk the Talk
2019-10-30 4.2k
Everybody Act Normal
2019-10-16 4.3k
For the Lulz
2019-10-03 3.9k

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