More Episodes

History and the Tragic Hero
2020-11-19 25.6k
One Last Debate
2020-10-23 26.8k
A Debate Like No Other
2020-10-02 17.3k
The Embers of California
2020-09-23 31.0k
Descent into Tribalism
2020-09-15 32.8k
World War II at 75
2020-08-22 33.2k
Woke Privilege
2020-07-23 29.7k
A Winning Agenda for 2020
2020-07-18 31.2k
Triumph of the Country Mouse
2020-06-27 33.6k
The Revolution Eats its Own
2020-06-09 34.2k
Dark Days Ahead
2020-05-30 33.1k
The Cult of the Elites
2020-05-08 35.9k
When the Tide Recedes
2020-05-01 30.0k

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